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Auxiliary Supporting Equipment

Auxiliary supporting equipment is the part of plastic extrusion molding process apart from extrusion line. In addition to the main extrusion lines, our company also provides the manufacturing of auxiliary machines and welding equipment, mainly including temperature regulating device, vacuum exhaust device, water chiller, vacuum cleaner, butt fusion machine, angle fusion machine, multi angle band saw machine, angle fusion machine for heat-preserving pipe, etc. The products under Auxiliary Supporting Equipment are Table Butt Fusion Machine, Manual Welding Machine, Angle Fusion Machine, Butt Fusion Machine, Electrofusion Welding Machine, Automatic Butt Fusion Machine.

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China Auxiliary Supporting Equipment manufacturers, suppliers and factory - Fangli. Our Auxiliary Supporting Equipment is made in China. We provide wholesale services. Welcome to consult us about our latest selling. We will give quotation and give discounts as appropriate. If you want to know more about us, please contact us or come to visit us.
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