Functions of three functional areas of extruder


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Today, I would like to share the functions of the three functional areas of the extruder.

Generally, under normal production conditions, the materials enter the feeding section and the compression section. Because the temperature difference between the newly entered extruder and the set temperature is too large, and the shear heat effect is not obvious, it mainly depends on the heating ring to provide a lot of external heat, so the heating ring needs to work without stopping, so these two sections are called the heating area. The heat is mainly provided by the combined action of external heating and screw shearing, calendering and friction.

The melt enters the melting section and metering section through the compression section, and has been basically plasticized, and even there is an excess of "shear heat". The purpose of temperature control at this stage is not to further heat supply, but to timely implement "cooling" when the melt is "over temperature", so as to transfer the excess heat.

When the melt enters the confluence core and die, because the melt has begun to change from spiral variable speed motion to linear constant speed motion when it arrives at the confluence core, the shear heat effect no longer exists. When the melt reaches the die along the specified channel of the confluence core, it will also consume some heat. In order to ensure that the melt moves evenly along the dovetail channel of the die, it is necessary to add appropriate heat. For this reason, the temperature of the die is set slightly higher, so it is called "insulation zone".

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