Steel skeleton plastic composite pipe


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The Steel skeleton plastic composite pipe is a new type of improved steel frame plastic composite pipe. This new type of pipe is made of high-strength superplastic steel wire mesh skeleton and thermoplastic polyethylene as raw materials, steel wire winding mesh as the skeleton reinforcement of polyethylene plastic pipe, and high-performance HDPE modified bonding resin is used to closely connect the steel wire skeleton with the inner and outer high-density polyethylene, so that it has excellent composite effect. Because the high-strength steel wire reinforcement is wrapped in continuous thermoplastic, this composite pipe overcomes the shortcomings of steel pipe and plastic pipe, while maintaining the respective advantages of steel pipe and plastic pipe.

Characteristics of the new steel mesh skeleton pipe:

1It overcomes the phenomenon of rapid stress cracking of plastic pipes. Because the structure of steel and plastic is composite, there will be no rapid stress that plastic pipes are difficult to overcome;

2It has more strength, rigidity and impact resistance than ordinary pure plastic pipes, and is similar to the low linear expansion coefficient and creep resistance of steel pipes;

3It is light in weight and easy to install. The pipeline connection adopts electrothermal fusion joint, which has strong axial tensile resistance, mature and reliable connection technology, and the variety and specification of pipe fittings are fully developed, which can be connected with other pipelines, valves and equipment;

4Double sided anti-corrosion, with the same anti-corrosion performance as plastic pipe, and high temperature and corrosion resistance, low thermal conductivity;

5The structure is excellent, and the reinforcing framework of the pipe and the inner and outer plastics are mutually contained into a whole, without the worry of peeling off the inner and outer plastics and the reinforcement;

6The inner wall is smooth without scaling, and the head loss of the pipeline is 30% lower than that of the steel pipe;

7The whole pipe is designed according to the service life of 50 years;

8Pipes with different pressure levels can be manufactured by adjusting the diameter of steel wire and the thickness of plastic layer.


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