The quality inspection of PE pipe welding is essential


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Whether the storage conditions of electrofusion pipe fittings before welding meet the standards and whether the cooling process after welding is appropriate are all factors affecting the final welding quality. Therefore, professional training for engineering and technical personnel and construction personnel is an effective way to make PE pipeline construction move towards normal and good development. The following methods can be adopted for acceptance:


RHD Series Butt Fusion Machine


I. Check the welding data printing records of all welding interfaces.


II. Appearance quality self inspection shall be 100%. The supervisor and other acceptance units shall select a certain proportion of welded junctions for visual inspection according to the construction quality, and the number shall not be less than 30% of the number of welded junctions, and the number of welded junctions of each welder shall not be less than 9. The appearance quality inspection can be carried out according to the following inspection points.


III. For the welded junctions of full-automatic hot melt butt welding, the acceptance personnel shall select a certain number of welded junctions to cut off the curls and check the interface quality according to the above inspection points. The number of spot checks shall not be less than 10%, and the number of spot checks for each welder shall not be less than 5.


IV. Interface destructive test shall be carried out for each project. In case of electric fusion connection, 3% of welded junctions shall be sampled, and it is recommended that not less than 1; In case of full-automatic hot-melt butt welding, 5% of the weld craters shall be sampled, and each welder shall not be less than 3. Destructive test can cut the welded junction into 4 or more pieces to check the internal fusion. Incomplete fusion is considered as unqualified. Tensile test can also be conducted to see whether the tensile strength meets the requirements.


V. If the interface quality is unqualified, double sampling inspection shall be conducted for the welder's interface. If it is found to be unqualified, all the interfaces constructed by the welder shall be reworked.


Through the above acceptance methods, if it is qualified, the quality reliability of PE pipe interface can be considered to be similar to that of steel pipe crater.


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