How to choose cutting machine for pipe production in the extrusion line


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The extruder production line can continuously produce plastic pipes. Because the pipe production is uninterrupted, and the pipe has a fixed length specified in the standard, in order to ensure the standard length of the pipe, we need to use the cutting machine as an auxiliary equipment to cut the pipe according to the requirements. Different specifications of pipe will use different cutting machine, so how do we choose the cutting machine? I have prepared the following materials, hoping to help you.

Pipe cutting methods can be generally divided into two kinds: manual cutting and automatic cutting. When the diameter of pipe is small (within 50 mm), many manufacturers will use saw to cut by hand in many cases. But now, in order to improve the production efficiency and ensure the length accuracy of plastic pipe, the extruder production line will also be equipped with automatic cutting machine.

The blade used in extruder can be circular saw blade or circular grinding wheel. The saw blade or grinding wheel is directly driven by a motor and a V-belt to rotate at high speed. When the extruded pipe reaches the required length, the clamping device on the cutting machine clamps the pipe, and the saw blade starts and cuts the pipe. At this time, the whole clamping and cutting mechanism slides forward on the track of the cutting machine with the extrusion traction force of the pipe moving forward. When the pipe is cut, the saw blade stops rotating, and the clamping device opens, and the cutting clamping device returns to its original position along the original forward track to prepare for the next cutting action.

For some small diameter pipes, we will choose the knife lifting cutting machine, which is the most simple and has low cost. This type of cutting machine is generally used for pipes with low production requirements.

Sometimes we will choose the chip free cutting machine, this cutting machine manufacturing process is complex, and the cutting effect is good. Generally, this kind of cutting machine will be selected for the production of pipes with high requirements for production environment.

When we use the plastic extruder to produce larger diameter pipes, we will choose the planetary automatic cutting machine, which is formed by the combination of several small diameter saw blades, and forms a circle around the pipe to be cut. When the pipe needs to be cut, these small diameter saw blades can not only rotate at high speed, but also revolve around the outer circle of the pipe. With this method, the cutting speed is fast and the end face of the cutting mouth is smooth.


Above is some information for how to choose cutting machine, if you need more information, welcome to contact us. As a manufacturer with nearly 30 years of extrusion line, we have a large number of equipment manufacturing experience, which can provide you with professional technical guidance and equipment procurement suggestions.

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