Answers to frequently occurring production technical problems of PPR pipe


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There may be some problems in the production of PPR pipes. The following section summarizes some points, hoping to help you.


1、 The inner wall of the pipe is uneven: the screw temperature may be too high; or screw speed is too fast. 


2There are black stripes on the surface of the pipe: it may be that the head temperature is too high and the filter is not cleaned.


3There are bubbles on the inner wall of the pipe: the material may be affected with moisture.


4Sudden slow discharge: the temperature of the screw feeding section may be high; or water ingress into the fuselage; or the melt pressure of the machine head is low.


5Roughness of the inner wall of the pipe: the temperature of the mandrel may be low; or the fuselage temperature is too low; or the screw temperature is too high. 


6The surface of the pipe is dull: the die temperature may be too low or too high. 


7Wrinkles on the pipe surface: it may be that the temperature around the die is uneven; or the cooling water is too hot; or the traction is too slow.


8Cracks on the inner wall of the pipe: it may be that the material has impurities; or the mandrel temperature is too low; or low fuselage temperature; or the traction speed is too fast.


9There are coke marks on the surface of the pipe: the possible cause is that the temperature of the machine or the head is too high; or the machine head and filter are not cleaned; or there are impurities in the granular material; or poor thermal stability of raw materials or too little thermal stability dose; or the control temperature instrument fails.


10Large longitudinal or transverse shrinkage of the pipe: the radial difference between the sizing sleeve and the inner diameter of the die may be large (transverse); or high traction speed (longitudinal).


11Uneven pipe wall thickness: the die and th pin may not be aligned; or the head temperature is uneven; or unstable traction; or the compressed air is unstable.


12Brittle products: the fuselage may not have enough plasticization; or screw speed is too fast; or the head temperature is too low; or the resin viscosity is too high.


13、Pipe bending: pipe wall thickness may be uneven; or the temperature around the machine head is uneven; or the head cooling groove and traction cutting center are not aligned; or the holes at both ends of the cooling groove are not concentric.


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