Problems needing attention in the production of PE pipe by PE three-layer co-extrusion pipe equipment


Ningbo Fangli Technology Co., Ltd. is a mechanical equipment manufacturer with nearly 30 years’ experiences of plastic pipe extrusion equipment, new environmental protection and new materials equipment. Since its establishment Fangli has been developed based on user’s demands. Through continuous improvement, independent R&D on the core technology and digestion & absorption of advanced technology and other means, we have developed PVC pipe extrusion line, PP-R pipe extrusion line, PE water supply / gas pipe extrusion line, which was recommended by the Chinese Ministry of Construction to replace imported products. We have gained the title of “First-class Brand in Zhejiang Province”.

PE pipe is very sanitary, non-toxic, does not contain heavy metal additives, does not scale, does not breed bacteria, and solves the problem of secondary pollution of drinking water. Its light weight ensures the convenience of transportation and installation. The inner wall is smooth, the friction coefficient is low, and has excellent wear resistance. The unique electric fusion connection, hot-melt butt joint and hot-melt socket connection technology make the interface strength higher than the pipe body, ensuring the safety and reliability of the interface.