Learning Performance Excellence Management to Improve the Overall Quality of Business


From July 16 to 19, the Group Company invited senior trainers YugenHeand Guanlong Liang to come to theCompany for a training course onExcellentPerformanceManagement, to recharge the main responsible persons and main management personnel of subordinate enterprises. So they can learn how to implementExcellentPerformanceManagement methods.It also can enhance enterprise innovation ability and competitiveness.

Based on the practical experience of enterprises,the two trainers,YugenHeand Guanlong Liang explained in detail to the trainees what the excellent performance criterion is and how to introduce the excellent performance criterion. They focused on the modules of high-level leadership, strategy formulation and deployment, human resource management, etc., and deduced how to introduce and implement the excellent performance management mode. It aims to promote the significance of excellent performance management mode, guide enterprises to learn advanced management tools and standards, and implement the basic theory into the actual management and operation of enterprises, so as to improve the overall quality level and competitiveness of enterprises.

It is said that theexcellent performance is to continuously create value for customers, employees and other interested parties, improve the overall performance ability of the enterprise, and promote the sustainable development and success of the organization through a comprehensive organizational performance management method. Excellent performance model is an effective method and tool to improve the comprehensive performance management of enterprises, which is widely recognized in the world. It is the evaluation standard of quality awards of governments at all levels, and also the direction of Chinese enterprises' operation and management in the new situation. The implementation of excellent performance model is conducive to guiding enterprises' independent innovation and enhancing competitiveness.

After the meeting, the students expressed that the training not only increased the quality awareness, but also opened up the vision, enriched knowledge and updated the concept, and strengthened the self-confidence and responsibility of all people to do their job well. In the work, the highest working standards and the best mental appearance will be used to apply the knowledge learned to the actual work.

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