Chinese Extrusion Processing Technology to Seek a Comprehensive Breakthrough


In recent years, Chinese extrusion technology in many aspects have made a major breakthrough, such as the 2010 China's independent development and manufacturing of large-scale production of polypropylene twin-screw extrusion granulation unit's success. Meanwhile, the Chinese extrusion industry for new energy applications, PET sheet and dried Free direct extrusion, extrusion energy efficient technology development, etc., are new products available. Of course, we also see that China extrusion industry is still faced with the challenge can not be ignored, such as less innovative technologies, pure price competition is still severe, these have become the industry's short board. How exactly the future development of Chinese extrusion industry? This is every Chinese extrusion technology suppliers must seriously consider the topic.


Twin-screw extrusion technology breakthrough

Large twin-screw extrusion granulation unit as the polyolefin key industrial production equipment, has become China's plastics industry as well as Chinese petrochemical industry long-term pain. A large-scale polyolefins granulation system, the hundreds of million yuan, but the Chinese petrochemical industry have long-term dependence on imports. In 2007, the NDRC ethylene industry long-term development plan, the ethylene industry to speed up the localization of major technical equipment, industrial process, and strive to achieve major breakthroughs of key technologies and equipment, leapfrog development. As the ethylene production process downstream process core equipment - large twin-screw extrusion granulation unit is China's large-scale ethylene achieve localization of key equipment important part.
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