Matters Needing Attention in the Application of HDPE Water Supply Pipeline


1. It is recommended to take sheltering measures for outdoor laying in the open air and places exposed to sunlight.

2. Buried HDPE water supply pipelines. Pipes with DN110 can be installed in a serpentine shape in summer. Pipes with DN110 have sufficient soil resistance and can resist thermal stress, so there is no need to reserve a pipe length; in winter, it is not necessary. Reserve the tube length.

3. When installing HDPE pipes, if the operating space is too small (such as: pipeline wells, ceiling construction, etc.), electrofusion connection methods should be used.

4. When connecting hot-melt sockets, the heating temperature should not be too high or too long, and the temperature should be controlled at 210±10, otherwise it will cause too much squeeze out of the fittings and reduce the inner diameter of the water; when inserting the pipe fittings or the pipe interface should be clean, otherwise it will cause the socket to escape and leak; at the same time, pay attention to control the angle and direction of the pipe to avoid rework.

5. When connecting hot melt butting, the voltage is required to be between 200~220V. If the voltage is too high, the heating plate temperature will be too high, and the voltage will be too low, and the docking machine will not work normally; the interface should be aligned during docking, otherwise it will cause insufficient butt joint area, insufficient weld strength, and improper crimping; when the heating plate is heated, the pipe interface is not cleaned, or the heating plate has impurities such as oil and sand, which will cause the interface to detach and leak; heating time it must be controlled well. The heating time is short and the pipe heat absorption time is not enough, which will cause the welding edge to be too small, and the heating time will be too long, which will cause the welding edge to be too large and may form a false weld.


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