G Series PVC Four-Stand Pipe Extrusion Line(PVC 32G-4)


Scope of Application

PVC 32G-4 four-stand pipe extrusion line is mainly used for the production of small and medium-sized PVC pipes, which are mainly used for Cold-Formed electrical casing, cable protective casing, etc.

Composition and Characteristics of the PVC Pipe Extrusion Line

The process of PVC pipe production line

Main production process: preparation of raw materials + additives → mixing → conveying and feeding → forced feeding → conical twin screw extruder → mold → sizing sleeve → spray vacuum calibration tank → spray or immersion cooling tank →crawler tractor → cutting machine →pipe tip table → finished product testing and packaging

Main Technical Parameters and Characteristics of PVC 32G-4 pipe extrusion Line:

· Adopting an exclusive configuration of “GRAEWE·FANGLI” brand to ensure high efficient and stable extrusion;

· Configured with high-efficiency conical twin- screw extruder;

· With independent control system for quadruple pipe shaping, traction and cutting, easy to operate as a single pipe extrusion line;

· The floor area can be saved by more than three times as that of traditional single pipe extrusion equipment;

· Total Length of Production Line:≈18m

· Pipe ID range: 4×Φ20 ~ Φ32 mm

· Pipe production speed:4×15 m/min

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