Characteristic and Advantages of PE-RT Pipe


PE-RT is Polyethylene Raised Temperature, which is composed of ethylene monomer and 1- octene monomer copolymerization and the medium density polyethylene octane copolymer specifically for the heating system, which has a narrow molecular weight distribution, the special molecular structure of octenes uniformly distributed in the polymer backbone, it retains PE original health performance and processing performance advantages, but also strengthen a new pipe special material for high temperature durability. The pipes made of this material are mainly used in the hot water / heating pipes in the building, the durability of the pipes is the same as that of the buildings, the minimum can be up to 50 years, and at the same time, it has good recyclability, and the added value is very high.

PE-RT Pipe has a series of advantages:

1) Softness: because PE-RT is softer. Therefore, the construction does not require special tools, so the construction cost is relatively low.

2) Thermal conductivity: for floor heating pipes need to have good thermal conductivity. PE-RT has better thermal conductivity, and its thermal conductivity is two times of that of PP-R and PP-B pipes. Very suitable for floor heating use.

3) High temperature resistance: PE-RT high temperature resistance can reach 90 degrees, while PEX can reach 65 degrees centigrade.

4) Low temperature, heat shock: PE-RT low temperature impact resistance better. In winter construction, the pipe is not easy to be broken, and the flexibility of construction arrangement is increased.

5) Environmental protection: PE-RT and PP-R can be recycled, without polluting the environment. And PEX cannot be recycled, will produce two pollution;

6) Processing performance stability: PEX control crosslinking degree and crosslinking uniformity problems, processing complex and processing directly affect pipe properties. And PE-RT and PP-R are easy to process, and the properties of the pipes are basically determined by raw materials, and the performance is relatively stable.

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