Maintenance method of Manual Welding Machine


Manual Welding Machine is your good choice.
——The equipment should be kept away from corrosive substances such as acids and alkalis.
—— Keep the chrome-plated guide rod of the frame clean and add oil frequently to maintain good lubrication.
——Keep the surface of the heating plate clean to avoid scratching the non-stick materials on the surface of the heating plate.
——Should avoid sticking dirt, sand, or dirty joints on the hydraulic quick couplings, which will contaminate the hydraulic oil and damage the hydraulic components.
——The oil in the tank should be checked and replenished in time, and replaced regularly (about once every 6 months)
——Keep the surface of each instrument clean. It is strictly forbidden to knock or hit, and the water will get wet.
——Check the equipment for looseness, oil leakage, overheating, abnormal noise, etc., and remove them in time.
——It is strictly forbidden to operate the equipment in a faulty state.Manual Welding Machine is your good choice.

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