When Producing PP Pipes, Why Are the Pipes Sometimes not Round, and What Aspects Need to be Solved?


PP pipe extrusion process: the material extruded by the single-screw extruder passes through the head, and the pipe blank is drawn through the sizing sleeve, vacuum forming, spray cooling, enters the tractor for taction and cuts according to the product length specified by the process , and then unloaded by the storage table.


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The reason that the pipe produced by the plastic pipe extruder is not round is mainly caused by some problems in the processing and traction process.


1. The roundness of the setting sleeve is not enough

2. Uneven cooling during cooling and shaping, resulting in out-of-round pipes

3. During vacuum setting, the vacuum is too large or too small, and the cooling is not uniform

4. Excessive pressure during traction, thin tube wall, resulting in out of round

When traction, the pressure is too high, and the pipe wall is thin, resulting in out of round


The measures to solve the problem mainly include the following aspects

1. Adjust the flow or flow rate of the cooling water and keep it stable to ensure uniform cooling of the pipe

2. Adjust the vacuum degree suitable for shaping

3. Appropriately reduce the traction pressure of the pipe

4. Check the roundness of the pipe sizing sleeve


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