The Difference Between double-wall corrugated pipe extrusion and single-wall corrugated pipe extrusion


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What is the difference between the extrusion of double-wall corrugated pipe and the extrusion of single-wall corrugated pipe?


1. Since the double-wall corrugated pipe has inner and outer two layers, two extruders are generally required during extrusion molding, one for extrusion and plasticization, and the other for extruding and plasticizing the outer layer materials. Generally, conical twin-screw extruders are often used in the production of PVC double-wall corrugated pipes, while single-screw extruders are mostly used for HDPE double-wall corrugated pipes.


2. The die for extruding the tube blank generally adopts a dual-channel composite pipe die. Compressed air enters the channel between the inner and outer melt channel cavities, and the compressed air inflates the outer layer of melt to make it close to the corrugated die to the outer corrugated pipe wall. The central hole of the inner core rod can place a heater, and there are channels through which compressed air and cooling water can pass. Because the buckle penetrates between the two corrugated molds, it cannot move, the wall thickness of the pipe blank can adjust the gap between the mandrel and the die by moving the position of the splitter cone and the mandrel.


3. The auxiliary machine for double-wall corrugated pipe forming is basically the same as that for single-wall corrugated pipe forming, and mainly consists of forming machine, cooling device, traction device, cutting and stacking device, etc.


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