FLSP Series Counter-rotating Parallel Twin-screw Extruder —The Choice of High-efficiency PVC Pipe Extrusion Production Line


In order to adapt to the market and meet the needs of domestic and foreign industries for PVC main equipment, Ningbo Fangli Technology Co., Ltd. has increased its R&D investment in FLSP series counter-rotating parallel twin-screw extruders since 2017, and achieved good results. Compared with the original conical twin-screw extruder, this series of opposite parallel twin-screw extruders have been greatly improved in equipment energy consumption and production efficiency.  After three years of market verification, it has gradually matured and demonstrated its major advantages in PVC pipe production.

Committed to technological innovation, we continue to increase investment in product R & D and optimizing production processes to solve customers’ problems. We have developed 36 series of super diameter ratio counter-rotating parallel twin-screw extruders, which are suitable for PVC water supply and drainage pipe production lines with OD20~OD800 pipe diameters.

This series of products can be adapted to PVC raw materials of different formulations, so that the entire barrel screw has been greatly improved in terms of low wear, low energy consumption, high efficiency, and stable extrusion. At the same time, the screw has a built-in water cooling circulation system and an external copper tube winding cooling system, which not only ensures the cooling efficiency of the screw core, but also greatly improves the cooling efficiency of the barrel. By optimizing the structure of the barrel and screw, the PVC extrusion efficiency has been greatly improved, up to 10kg/kwh; in the key mechanical and electrical control configuration, careful selection has been made, using low noise, ground vibration, low temperature rise and stability Reliable gearbox and distribution box; Adopting Brazil Vanco variable frequency motor, low noise, low vibration, strong exhaust air cooling, effectively ensuring the normal operation of the equipment; and using the ABB550 series inverter, effectively ensuring the frequency conversion motor Control precision to realize stable extrusion; with Siemens computer control system and intelligent electric meter, automatic control of the entire line and real-time monitoring of equipment energy consumption are realized. Using a dedicated temperature controller to achieve precise control of the temperature of each section, thereby improving the overall quality of the product; equipped with French Saide solid-state relay, long life, high safety, stability and reliability; using a dedicated vacuum exhaust system, good guarantee It is equipped with a special forced feeding system to effectively ensure the uniform supply of raw materials; the stainless steel metal hose integrated water supply and drainage system realizes the integrated control of the water cooling system, which is stable and reliable.

Since 2018, we have displayed this series of products at the exhibition site. At this year's Yazhan, we not only demonstrated the 90-36 parallel twin-screw extruder, but also started the demonstration of the PVC-UH 75 double pipe production line at the Guangdong company, which attracted many customers and audiences and won high praise from customers.

In general, the FLSP series counter-rotating parallel twin-screw extruder has the advantages of low energy consumption, low noise, high output, good safety, stability and reliability.

If you need more information, Ningbo Fangli Technology Co., Ltd. welcomes you to contact for a detailed inquiry, we will provide you with professional technical guidance or equipment procurement suggestions.


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