Application of Cross Linked Polyethylene (PE-XA) Pipeline in Prefabricated Buildings


With the improvement of people's living standards and the acceleration of the pace of life, the word "convenient and fast" is put forward more frequently. Then the prefabricated building came into being. The prefabricated building has the advantages of high installation efficiency, high safety and high environmental protection. In order to better cater to the advantages of prefabricated buildings, the application of PE-Xa quick and easy system in prefabricated buildings undoubtedly adds a convenient and fast weight to the construction industry.


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Selection of Water Supply Pipes

With the improvement of people's living standards, environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious, which makes people's requirements for water quality continue to improve, and the quality of water supply pipes is one of the key factors affecting water quality.

The selection of water supply pipes depends on the hygienic performance of the products first. Water supply pipes should first meet the health needs. The cleanliness of water does not completely depend on the pollution of water quality by the pipeline, but also depends on whether the pipeline can resist the infiltration of oxygen in the external air into the pipe wall. It is well know that long-term oxygen infiltration is easy to breed bacteria, scale and evergreen moss in the pipeline, thus polluting the water quality. Therefore, attention should be paid to the hygienic performance of pipes. The second is the safety and reliability of the product. At present, the common home decoration water supply pipelines include PP-R pipe, aluminum plastic pipe, PB pipe, etc; the domestic water pipeline system widely used in European and American countries is the fast and easy system of PE-Xa pipe. PE-Xa pipe adopts international standards, safety and health, composite shading structure, which can block light and reduce the breeding of bacteria and algae; the pipe has low oxygen permeability, no pitting, corrosion and corrosion risk, and completely resists the corrosion of chloride ion in drinking water; PE-Xa pipes are thermosetting pipes, and recycled materials cannot be added to ensure the quality of pipes.


Status of Prefabricated Water Supply System

At present, most of the pipelines of the building water supply system are concealed, and only a small part of them are exposed. Once the pipeline leaks or bursts, it will not only bring inconvenience to people's lives, but also bring great difficulties to the maintenance work, so that the difficulties can not be solved quickly and continue to affect people's lives. Therefore,the only way to improve the safety factor of the water supply system is to reduce the failure rate and improve the overall safety performance of the water supply system. Through the investigation of the existing prefabricated project design units, prefabricated decoration companies and prefabricated completed projects, PPR pipes and fittings are mainly used in the prefabricated water supply system, and the application of PPR pipes and fittings in the water supply system will bring potential safety hazards due to many connection points; the new parallel connection of PE-Xas fast and easy connection system is laid independently by a single pipe, with very few joints and balanced flow while reducing potential safety hazards.


Selection of PE-Xa Water Supply System

PE-Xa pipe is peroxide crosslinked polyethylene pipe. The pipe itself is flexible and can be delivered by coil, and the use of elbow can be reduced in construction. Good elasticity is the unique characteristic of PE XA pipe, which can rebound to the original size after extension. This characteristic is cleverly used to connect the pipe and pipe fittings safely. Because of the unique elasticity of the pipe, it has good impact resistance to the water hammer of the cold and hot water system. PE-Xa pipe has excellent long-term stability and is not subject to oxygen corrosion like metal pipe; The pipe diameter will not be reduced due to corrosion or scaling. PE-Xa pipes will not be affected by high-speed water flow scouring (no more than 2.5m / s) or low pH value (corrosive water); At the same time, it is not affected by concrete, cement, lime mortar and gypsum. Pipes can be buried in soil, wall or cement mortar.


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