Marine Engineering is Especially Suitable for Large Diameter Plastic Pipes


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Plastic pipes have been widely used in various fields, among which large-diameter plastic pipes (usually more than 1500mm in diameter) have been widely used in recent 20 years. The reasons why it is particularly suitable for offshore engineering are:


1. The application environment of offshore engineering needs special corrosion resistance. Steel pipes, iron pipes and concrete pipes will soon be damaged in seawater. It is reported that a major lesson from the large-scale construction of petrochemical enterprises in the Middle East is that the non plastic pipes used in the initial stage are quickly severely corroded, and all plastic pipes are used in the later stage.


2. The molding technology and equipment of plastic pipe are constantly improving. At present, it can provide large-diameter plastic pipes for marine engineering, including plastic solid wall pipes and two kinds of spiral wound wall pipes. Large diameter plastic solid wall pipe is produced by direct extrusion process. At present, the maximum diameter of direct extrusion plastic solid wall pipe reaches 3600mm; The maximum diameter of spiral wound pipe is 3600mm.


3. The plastic pipe is flexible, the specific gravity is less than that of water, and the large-diameter pipe is also relatively light, which is easy to move and lay. The hollow pipe can float on the water, which is convenient for floating transportation and storage on the water; it can be stably fixed on the seafloor by adding ballast (or filling sand slurry in the cavity of the structural wall). The solid wall pipe can be made into a continuous long length large diameter (llld) pipe of hundreds of meters, which can be directly transported to the laying site by long-distance floating at sea. The latest record is that 3.3km LLLD pipe drifted 27720km from stathelle, Norway to Malaysia.


4. Plastic raw materials are developing rapidly, and new varieties with better performance and more suitable for marine engineering are constantly developed. If it has higher crack resistance, such as pe100-RC; higher elastic modulus, such as PP-B HM; higher anti sag and other types of resins, such as PE100 (LS), PE100 (XLS).


5. Plastic can be fusion welded, and plastic pipes can be welded with plastic pipe fittings, plastic plates, quantity profiles, etc. to form various corrosion-resistant and lightweight all plastic devices, such as water inlets, drains, inspection wells, storage tanks and other supporting facilities.


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