Structural Design of Plastic Pipe Production Line


The head of PE pipe equipment adopts the most advanced basket head or spiral split pipe extrusion compound head design, which is convenient for adjustment and uniform material extrusion. The sizing sleeve adopts unique slotting process and water ring cooling to ensure the forming accuracy of pipes.


PE pipe production line and polyethylene high-efficiency screw, slotted barrel, with strong water jacket cooling, which greatly improves the transmission capacity and ensures effective extrusion; Vertical structure of high torque reducer; DC drive motor. It is applicable to the basket composite die for polyolefin processing, which can not only ensure high-efficiency extrusion stability and low melt temperature, but also realize the minimum pressure and bring the highest pipe quality. High vacuum double chamber diameter setting technology and spray cooling water tank improve the output of the pipeline to meet the needs of production and high speed. The crawler tractor and traction force are stable. Each traction is driven by an independent AC servo motor, and the digital controller controls the accurate and speed adjustment of the driving technology to achieve a high degree of synchronization. It adopts high-speed and accurate design of cutting machine and cutting section level, and is equipped with powerful chip suction device to minimize maintenance work.


PVC pipe equipment has the functions of raw material mixing; The extruder part ensures the stable extrusion of products, and pushes the PVC mixture to the machine head after plasticization; The extrusion die head part is the related part of pipe forming; Vacuum tank is used for shaping and cooling of pipes; The tractor is used to continuously and automatically lead out the formed pipe from the machine head; Automatic cutting by cutting machine; The turnover rack realizes the turnover action and achieves the purpose of unloading.


The function of PVC pipe equipment is to produce pipes such as pipes with PVC resin powder as the main raw material.

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