Characteristics of Twin Screw Extruder


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Here, wed like to talk about characteristics of twin-screw extruder as follows for your reference:


1. Easy to feed. This is because the twin-screw extruder conveys materials based on the positive displacement principle, and there can be no pressure reflux. No matter whether the material fills the screw groove or not, the conveying speed can basically remain unchanged, and it is not easy to produce local accumulation. Materials with high or low viscosity and wide range of friction coefficient with metal surface that are difficult to be added to the single screw extruder, such as strip material, paste material, powder and glass fiber, can be added. Glass fiber can also be added in different parts. Twin screw extruder is especially suitable for processing PVC powder, which can be directly extruded from powdered PVC to form pipes, plates and profiles.


2. The residence time of materials in the twin-screw is short, which is suitable for the coloring and mixing of materials that will decompose, solidify or agglomerate if the residence time is long.


3. Excellent exhaust performance. This is due to the effective mixing of the meshing part of the twin-screw extruder, and the self-cleaning function of the exhaust part, so that the material can obtain complete surface renewal in the exhaust section.


4. Excellent mixing and plasticizing effect. This is because the two screws mesh with each other, and the material carries out far more complex movement in the extrusion process than in the single screw extruder, which is caused by vertical and horizontal shear mixing.


5. Self cleaning effect. This is because the two screws mesh with each other and the materials are close to each other, which can peel off the materials adhered to the screw and play the role of self-cleaning.


6. Low specific power consumption. Compared single screw extruder with twin-screw extruder at the same output, the energy consumption of twin-screw extruder is 50% less. This is because the shear heating effect of twin-screw extruder is small. It can be extruded at lower temperature. Therefore, the twin-screw extruder has less energy consumption and is an energy-saving equipment.


7. High volumetric efficiency. The twin-screw profile is relatively smooth, and the flow rate is not sensitive to die pressure changes. It is more effective for extruding products with large sections, especially when extruding difficult-to-process materials. The flow rate of a single-screw extruder is more sensitive to changes in die pressure.


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