Why should add ACR or CEP, MBS and other materials in the formula when extruder processing UPVC pipes, and what are their characteristics


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Due to the high brittleness, low melt strength and poor processing fluidity of UPVC materials, modifiers usually need to be added in the processing to improve the fluidity of UPVC, melt strength and material toughness. ACR or chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) and MBS are the modifiers of UPVC.


ACR can obviously improve the processing performance of UPVC, reduce the processing temperature of UPVC by 5 ~ 8°, and the surface of the pipe is smooth. As a modifier, CEP mainly improves the impact resistance, but has little effect on the processability of UPVC. The modification effect of impact resistance mainly depends on the content of chlorine in the molecule. Generally, the effect is better when the chlorine content is 32% ~ 40%. MBS has a good effect on the processability and impact resistance of UPVC. The improvement of impact performance is related to the content of butadiene in the molecule. The greater the content, the better the impact resistance, but the worse the compatibility with PVC. At present, two modifiers are usually used together in the processing of UPVC pipes to obtain good modification effects, such as CPE / ACR and CPE / MBS, and the composite ratio is generally 3:2.


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