Performance Characteristics of Various PVC-U Pipes


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With the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the requirements for building water supply and drainage are higher and higher, and various new structural PVC-U pipes came into being. Its functions and characteristics are different.


Single layer solid wall pipe

The earliest and most original application.


Double-wall bellows

Compared with the solid wall pipe, it saves raw materials and does not reduce the ability to bear external load. It is mainly used as buried drainage pipe, communication cable pipe, etc.


Spiral silencing pipe

The spiral silencing pipe is also a solid wall pipe. The inner wall of the pipe has spiral ribs that play a guiding role. The water noise of the thermal power plant is 5-7db lower than that of the traditional single-layer plastic pipe, the ventilation capacity is 5-6 times higher than that of other pipes, and the drainage and ventilation effect is very good.


Hollow wall spiral pipe

Plastic processing has the characteristics of spiral silencing pipe, but the silencing effect is better, the thermal power plant has higher capacity, and has the function of thermal insulation. Compared with the ordinary solid wall pipe, the water flow state in the pipe is improved, and the pressure fluctuation in the drainage riser is significantly reduced.


Reinforced pipe

It is one of the best buried drainage pipes and sewage pipes at present, and its performance is better than the traditional concrete pipe in all aspects.


Core foam pipe

It is a new type of pipe vigorously promoted and applied by the state, especially suitable for building water pipes. It has the characteristics of good sound insulation effect, high pressure bearing capacity and low cost.


Electrical bushing for building

It is mainly used for the protective sleeve of wires and cables in construction hands. The electrical sleeve can not only be bent at room temperature, but also its rigidity can meet the pressure borne by grouting in building construction, will not be flattened to affect wiring and transmission, and has flame retardant performance.


Skinned low foaming pipe

It includes two key technologies, namely material extrusion technology and extrusion foaming technology. There are two foaming forms of foaming pipe, one is low crust foaming, and the other is sufficient sandwich layer foaming, namely core layer foaming pipe.


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