Hydrogen transportation through plastic pipe -- the recent hot spot of international plastic pipe industry


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New opportunities have been emerging in the development of plastic pipes. At present, an important opportunity attracting the attention of the international plastic pipe industry is the transmission of new energy hydrogen.


The international pipeline industry has long been concerned about the feasibility of hydrogen transmission. In recent years, information has been continuously:


· It was originally planned to hold the 20th International Conference on PPXX in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in September 2020. Conference organizers have long announced on their website that one of the topics discussed at the conference will be "hydrogen replaces natural gas - is the pipeline infrastructure ready?"


· Ten years ago, with the support of Borealis, the Danish Natural Gas Research Center began to study the feasibility of using the existing PE80 and PE100 natural gas pipelines to transport hydrogen in Denmark. The report "transporting hydrogen with polyethylene natural gas pipe" was published at the 15th International Plastic pipe conference in 2010 the conclusion of the Danish test pipe network (in H ö rsholm) four years after transporting hydrogen was that "no adverse effects were found on PE80 and PE100 pipes".


·  At the 19th International Plastic pipe conference in 2018, Kiwa technology in Norway published the report "modern PE pipe makes hydrogen transportation possible" to study the chemical resistance, permeability, electrothermal fusion, etc. of hydrogen transportation by PE pipe. The conclusion is optimistic: "the pe100-RC pipeline tested (in Groningen, the Netherlands) is suitable for hydrogen transmission at pressures up to 2 bar." "PE pipes allow hydrogen to be transported and distributed in a safe and reliable manner." "PE pipes for hydrogen transmission can be connected by electrofusion".


· In 2019, pipelife laid 4km hydrogen transmission RTP (aramid fiber reinforced HDPE + soluforce H2T of aluminum poise, working pressure 42bar) pipeline in Groningen, the Netherlands. In 2019, OTC (offshore Technical Conference) released the OTC document of aramid reinforced thermoplastic pipe for hydrogen transportation.


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