Twin Screw Extruder Common Problems with Solutions


Twin screw extruder in the process of extrusion molding, may encounter a variety of problems, to understand the causes of the related problems can be solved in time. Ningbo Fangli Technology Co., Ltd. is a machinery and equipment manufacturer of complete sets of plastic extrusion equipment and new environmental protection and new material equipment for nearly 30 years. Here we summarize some common questions for reference.


1. The lubricating oil pressure is low during the operation of the twin-screw extruder

The low lubricating oil pressure is mainly caused by the low pressure setting value of the pressure regulating valve of the lubricating oil system or the failure of the oil pump and the blockage of the suction pipe. After the problem occurs, just carefully check and adjust the pressure regulating valve of lubricating oil system, check oil pump and suction pipe.


2. The head pressure of the twin-screw extruder is unstable during the extruding process

The main reasons for this problem include the uneven speed of the main motor or the uneven speed of the feeding motor which causes the fluctuation of the feeding quantity. The solution is to check the feeding system motor and control system, and then check the main motor control system and bearings.


3. Main motor bearing temperature rise too high

Poor bearing lubrication and serious bearing wear are the reasons for the high temperature rise of the main motor bearing. Before starting the machine, check and add lubricating agent, and check the motor bearing, replace the motor bearing if necessary.


4. The twin-screw extruder is making abnormal noise

The main motor bearing is damaged, or a thyristor in the thyristor rectifier circuit of the main motor is damaged, which may cause the twin screw extruder to make abnormal sound. The solution is to replace the main motor bearing or replace the damaged thyristor components of the rectifier circuit.


The above is about some common problems with solutions for twin screw extuder, hoping to provide you with some help. If necessary, welcome to contact us.

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