Take you to know the manufacturing process of CPVC power pipe equipment


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CPVC power pipe produced by CPVC power pipe equipment is commonly used as cable protection pipe. The product has the characteristics of high strength, good flexibility, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, flame retardant, good insulation performance, no pollution, not easy to aging, light weight and convenient construction. The product performance is better than the traditional asbestos cable duct and ordinary PVC pipe. It is an ideal substitute for the traditional power cable protective sleeve.


Because the melt viscosity of CPVC power pipe is at least twice that of PVC and the processing temperature is high, the difficulty of processing and forming and the corrosion of equipment are caused by the release of HCl caused by thermal decomposition in the processing process. In the extrusion process, how to make CPVC power pipe, a high viscosity material, achieve the ideal "plasticization" is the key of CPVC power pipe processing technology. What are the requirements for the "plasticization" manufacturing process of CPVC power pipe?


1. The dosage of heat stabilizer in the formula is much higher than that of PVC. The requirement of heat stabilizer is due to the high processing temperature of CPVC power pipe. Obviously, it is not suitable to only use conservative three salt and two salt heat stabilizers. At present, the more naive heat stabilizers are composite lead series stabilizers with lubricating system.


2. In the extrusion and injection molding of CPVC power pipe, the role of processing additives in improving the plasticization quality. Processing aids must be used to improve the plasticization quality and increase the low-temperature impact resistance of CPVC power pipe materials and the toughness of products. As far as CPVC power pipe is concerned, even at the temperature of viscous flow state (such as 195 and 205 ), the flow unit is still primary particles, the interaction between resin fine particles is poor, the heat transfer is poor, the melt fracture is easy to occur, and the plasticization quality is poor.


3. In particular, extrusion molding is prone to melt fracture, and the requirements for lubricant are due to the high melt viscosity of CPVC power pipe. Therefore, it is not appropriate to only use conservative paraffin, stearic acid and metal soap lubrication system. In the extrusion processing of CPVC power pipe, because CPVC power pipe tends to adhere to the metal surface of hot post-processing equipment (especially machine head and die), in order to eliminate this adhesion, external lubricant must be added to the formula. The external lubricant and CPVC power pipe resin should be immiscible.


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