Selection of heating and cooling methods for plastic extruder barrel


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Heating and cooling are necessary conditions for plastic extrusion. In order to extrude plastics within the temperature range required by other processing technologies, the temperature of materials in the barrel of the plastic extruder is constantly adjusted by heating or cooling.


The barrel heating of the plastic extruder is to provide heat for the plasticization of the raw materials in the barrel, and the barrel cooling is to prevent the raw materials from generating too much heat during extrusion and friction plasticization to increase the temperature. The alternate use of heat supply and cooling can control the heat of the barrel of the plastic extruder within the process temperature range required for the plasticization of raw materials, so as to ensure the normal and continuous production of the plastic extruder. Heating mode of barrel: resistance heating, electric induction heating and heat carrier heating. There are two cooling methods: water cooling and air cooling.


The heating method of the system is resistance heating method. The heater adopts cast aluminum heater. The resistance wire is installed in the metal pipe and filled with insulating materials such as magnesium oxide to make an electric heating rod, which is bent according to the required shape and then cast into the aluminum alloy. The utility model has the advantages of small size, light weight, convenient assembly and disassembly, high heating temperature, long service life, moisture-proof, shockproof and explosion-proof performance. The cooling mode of the system is air cooling, which mainly adopts air cooling, that is, the electric blower is used to blow the air to the parts of the barrel that need to be cooled, and take away the heat of the barrel, so that the barrel can achieve the purpose of cooling, but the cooling speed is slow. The plastic extruder has the advantages of simple structure, small thermal shock, no pollution, concentrated wind power, high cooling efficiency, convenient installation and maintenance, etc


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