Notes for Production Operation of Twin Screw Extruder


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Here we prepared some notes for production operation of twin screw extruder are:


1. When the twin-screw extruder starts normal production, it is necessary to first check whether the inner seals of the barrel and hopper are the original sealed samples. If there is any change or damage, it is necessary to check whether there are foreign bodies in the hopper and barrel.


2. Check all parts of the equipment according to the order of test preparation. If it is very difficult to rotate the coupling or can rotate but the screw rotation has abnormal sound, the screw should be removed to recheck the assembly position of the screw:

1) If the assembly position of the two screws is transposed, it will not be able to start the production.

2) This phenomenon can occur if the screw assembly sequence is wrong or the component bonding surface is not clean


3. Note that the screw should be started at a low speed and the idling time should not exceed 3min.


4. Be sure to check the purity of each batch of material, and do not allow any impurities to mix into the material.


5. Start charging when must pay attention to the small, uniform loading first, at the same time observe current meter (torque) pointer changes. In aggregate, metering charging must be used. Initial continual production, must pay attention to avoid extrusion machine work overload. After being forming die discharging, gradually increasing the screw rotation speed accordingly.


6. Check the working condition of the motor's carbon brush frequently, and replace or adjust it in time if there is any abnormal phenomenon.


7. The removal of the screw to use special tools. The disassembly and installation of the combined components of the screw must pay attention to the disassembly or assembly sequence. The position of each component should be recorded in sequence number, and must not be misplaced. The joint surface should be cleaned, coated with high-temperature lubricant, and the screw head should be tightened after assembly.


8. Screw cleaning work is not allowed to use steel cutter scraping material, should use copper brush and shovel to clean.


9. A layer of molybdenum disulfide lubricating oil should be applied to the spline and thread connecting parts of the screw. Do not strike any component of the screw with a hand hammer when disassembling the assembly component.


10. When updating the thrust bearing at the back of the screw, remember to adjust the position of the spring and do not allow the installation of misalignment.


11. Pay attention to the installation depth of the pressure sensor to avoid damage during work.


12. When suspect the process temperature displayed on the instrument has a problem, need to use mercury thermometer measure the barrel and the mold temperature. Adjust the instrument temperature according to the measured mercury temperature.


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