Science Popularization on 9 Professional Technical Issues such as the Function and Configuration of Pipe Extruder


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Recently, we collected the problems commonly encountered in the use of extruder functions and configurations, and invited relevant experts to give professional guidance to popularize these problems.


I. What are the feeding systems in the extruder?

The material system on the production line of Conical Double mainly includes: 1. Spring feeder, 2. Screw feeder, 3. Vacuum powder feeder;

The single screw production line mainly includes: vacuum granulated material feeding machine.


II. What feeding mode is generally used for conical twin-screw and single screw extruders?

Conical twin-screw extruder adopts twin screw feeding system (to reduce bridging problem (bridging: after friction between powder and powder, there is static electricity, which is easy to pile up);

The feeding of single screw extruder is mainly free fall (weightlessness), and the meter weight system (also weightlessness) can be used.


III. Why does twin-screw extruder need vacuum exhaust system during production?

Powder is easy to absorb water vapor in the air, so the host needs vacuum exhaust to avoid affecting products.


IV. What are the materials and structures of PP and PE pipe sizing sleeves?

PP and PE pipe sizing sleeves are copper. Disc type sizing sleeve: good cooling, suitable for PE/PP high-speed extrusion, more than 8m/min. The groove of the common copper sizing sleeve: the external vacuum allows the pipe to absorb, and also allows the cooling water to enter.


V. PVC pipe sizing sleeve material?

PVC pipe has copper sleeve for quick cooling; Stainless steel: wear-resistant.


VI. What are the drainage methods of the vacuum tank?

Manual drainage, temperature control drainage (mechanical expansion valve, pneumatic angle seat valve)


VII. Type of pipe cutting machine, corresponding advantages?

Knife lift cutter: suitable for small diameter pipe cutting and profile cutting with chips.

Planetary cutting machine: Advantages: pipes other than small diameter can be cut

Chipless Cutting machine: Advantages: no chips


VIII. What are the surface treatments of the tooling?

The surface is plated with hard chromium, which can improve the surface hardness of parts, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.


XV. What is the main difference between PE pipe efficient production line and ordinary PE pipe?

The reason why the pipe high efficiency production line is efficient is to improve the output of the main machine through high speed.


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