Features of Twin Screw Extruder Gearbox


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A new design of the gearbox transmission system of the twin-screw extruder. The output shaft transmission adopts a power split design, which doubles the torque transmitted by the output shaft, increases the carrying capacity of the whole machine by 50%, and increases the insurance coefficient by 30%.


The twin screw extruder gearbox meter has simple structure and easy assembly, which can meet the current requirements of the same direction parallel twin screw extruder for the gearbox with high torque and high speed. When installing, ensure that the output shaft of the gearbox is coaxial with the long axis of the distribution box. After the installation is completed, manual inspection is required to ensure flexible rotation between the components without jamming.


The coaxiality of the output spline shaft between the screw and the distribution box directly affects the life of the distribution box gear and bearing. When installing, remove the spline sleeve and check the spline shaft with a dial indicator. Use a feeler gauge to check the screw and distribution box flower Whether the contact between the end faces of the key shaft is good, eliminate the error.


The gear box and distribution box are cooled by circulating water, and the cooling water temperature is not higher than 30. During operation, if local bearing parts are overheated, or there is abnormal noise, stop the machine for inspection, and operate after troubleshooting.


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