Ways to Improve the Working Efficiency of Twin Screw Extruder


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What are the ways to improve the working efficiency of the twin-screw extruder, increase the consumption efficiency, increase the free volume of the screw groove and increase the torque and speed, the following is a detailed introduction.


1. Improve consumption efficiency

Improving consumption efficiency is one of the important goals of the development of twin-screw extruders, which are accomplished through ways such as increasing screw speed, strengthening plasticization and mixing capabilities. Increasing the depth of the screw groove at the same screw speed can greatly increase the conveying capacity. Correspondingly, the plasticization and mixing of the screw are required to increase accordingly, which requires the twin-screw extruder to accept greater torque.


2. Increase the free volume of the screw groove

It is very necessary for the twin screw extruder in the feeding section and devolatilization section to have a large free volume. For bulk materials, increasing the free volume of the feeding section and the filling level of the material in the screw groove can greatly improve the consumption ability of the extruder. At high screw speed, the residence time of the material in the extruder is reduced, which may cause the material to be plasticized and melted and the mixing is not sufficient. For this reason, it is necessary to increase the screw length appropriately, which will inevitably lead to an increase in the actual carrying torque and power of the twin-screw extruder.


3. Increase torque and speed

It is necessary to carefully design the reduction distribution box of the twin-screw extruder. To greatly improve the torque index of the equipment, it is bound to put forward higher requirements for the design and manufacture of the transmission box. The higher the torque, the higher the design, manufacturing accuracy, material strength and heat treatment requirements of gears, output shafts, bearings and other parts in the transmission box. At the same time, the design of the mandrel, threaded elements and kneading discs of the twin-screw extruder Manufacturing precision requirements are also higher.


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