Discussion on Equipment Conditions of Extruder for PP-R Pipe


PP-R pipe is extruded by extruder, which is widely used now. Field operators and technicians need to know certain molding equipment conditions. Ningbo Fangli Technology Co., Ltd. is a machinery and equipment manufacturer of complete sets of plastic extrusion equipment and new environmental protection and new material equipment for nearly 30 years. Here we have prepared some molding equipment conditions for your extruder equipment, as follows:


The extrusion process route of this kind of pipe is the same as that of ordinary polypropylene pipe, which adopts single screw universal extruder. However, due to the low thermal conductivity, high molecular weight and low melt flow rate of random copolymer polypropylene resin, that is, its melt viscosity is high, it needs more heat from crystal to high elastic state and then to melt viscous flow state in the extrusion process, which means it consumes more power; The transformation process of raw material form has some special requirements for the structure of the equipment.


In the screw structure of plastic extruder, the screw structure is of equal pitch and varying depth, with a ratio of length to diameter greater than 30:1. We generally use 36:1. The homogenization section of extruder screw is provided with barrier mixing section; the screw body has a central hole, which can be used with cooling water to control the working temperature of the screw easily. It is necessary to ensure that the raw materials in the feed section can be smoothly pushed forward by the screw.


The barrel structure of the extruder equipment for producing this kind of pipe needs some certain special requirements. The difference between the barrel inner hole working face and the ordinary barrel inner hole working face is that there are longitudinal grooves evenly distributed on the circumference at the feeding section, which are used to increase the friction between the thick material and the barrel inner surface, and improve the forward conveying capacity of the raw material after entering the barrel. Generally, the depth of the longitudinal groove is 1 ~ 3mm, and the length is about 3 ~ 4 times of the inner diameter of the barrel.

The above is about the equipment conditions of the production of PP-R pipe, hoping to provide you with some help. If necessary, welcome to contact us.


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