Can Increasing the Rotational Speed of the Main Machine of the Plastic Extruder Improve the Productivity of the Equipment?


After the plastic products manufacturers purchase the plastic extruder, in order to maximize the use efficiency of the extruder equipment, we hope to maximize the production capacity of the plastic extruder. In the case that the equipment can not be upgraded or transformed, we will improve the production capacity of the equipment by increasing the rotation speed of the main machine of the plastic extruder. Is this really feasible? The followings are some explanations.

First of all, we know the theoretical calculation formula of the output of plastic extruder. For example, the theoretical output of single screw extruder can be obtained by formula calculation:

Plastic extruder output = material density * sectional area of screw extrusion section when material is full * lead *rotation speed * conveying efficiency

From the formula, we can know that if we increase the rotation speed of the main machine of the plastic extruder, we can increase the production capacity of the equipment in a direct proportion, but in fact, the production capacity of the extruder is not so simple.

In order to improve the production capacity of plastic extruder, we also need to ensure the quality of the finished plastic products. Generally, when the extruder produced by our equipment manufacturer produces plastic products, it is most appropriate to control the main engine speed between 80-90% of the maximum speed.

Secondly, in the process of extruder production, the speed of the main machine will be improved, which will certainly improve the extruder capacity. But with the improvement of screw speed of plastic extruder, the stronger the shear capacity of screw to materials, for the shear heat sensitive type (such as PVC), the material will degrade in the production process, which will eventually lead to unqualified or even scrapped plastic products. At the same time, the speed increase will increase the pressure of the material in the barrel, and the failure of material return and material spilling from the exhaust port may occur, which is not conducive to stable production. The phenomenon of returning material will cause the reduction of the conveying efficiency of extruder, and the final production capacity can not be improved. Finally, the increase of screw speed, the retention time of materials in the barrel is reduced, and the corresponding plasticizing and mixing capacity of the screw will increase accordingly. If the speed increase exceeds the actual capacity of the screw, the final product will not be qualified.

Thirdly, the speed of the extruder is lower than the design requirements, and the result is opposite to the above, which will also cause some trouble to the production. Therefore, the central meaning of this paper is deviated, and I will not explain it here.

In conclusion, the improvement of the main machine speed of plastic extruder can not really improve the equipment capacity. Only in the premise of meeting the requirements of extruder screw equipment and ensuring the quality of plastic products, the correct screw speed can be increased or set to control the stable extruder capacity. For our qualified plastic extruder, we will design the materials reasonably. We suggest that the speed of extruder should be controlled at 80-90% of the maximum speed of the equipment.

It is believed that with the continuous development of extruders, we will obtain new extruders with higher speed and higher production capacity to provide you with better production guarantee and improve economic benefits. If you need more information, Ningbo Fangli Technology Co., Ltd. welcomes you to call for a detailed inquiry, we will provide you with professional technical guidance or equipment procurement suggestions.

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