STRP (PE) Pipes


Steel skeleton plastic composite pipe, is also called SRTP pipe, is of high strength plastic pipe with steel wire mesh and thermoplastic polyethylene as raw material, steel wire net as polyethylene plastic pipe skeleton reinforced high density polyethylene (HDPE) matrix, using high performance HDPE modified rein bonded steel skeleton and the inner and outer layer of high density polyethylene closely connected together, so that it has a good effect of composite. Because the high strength steel wire reinforcement is coated in the continuous thermoplastic material, the composite pipe overcomes the defects of the steel pipe and the plastic pipe, and maintains the advantages of the steel pipe and the plastic pipe respectively.


Application Scope: Steel mesh skeleton plastic composite pipe is a new type of pipe with excellent properties, are widely used in oil, chemical industry, power plants, petrochemical enterprises tap water company, municipal gas, water use in various fields of pipeline etc.. Steel wire reinforced plastic (PE) composite pipe for water pipe and gas pipe, steel mesh skeleton plastic (PE) composite pipe with high density polyethylene plastic and steel wire as raw material, with high strength steel wire winding as the core layer, with high density polyethylene plastics for inner and outer layers, and the formation of a new type of composite structure the whole wall pipe wall, composite pipe with steel wire reinforced nets, not only in the pipe pressure ability than PE solid wall pipe has been greatly improved, but also retains the characteristics of corrosion resistance, no scale, excellent PE solid wall pipe. Pipe is widely used in water supply and gas supply, and it is a new type of pipe material.