How to improve the low-temperature impact resistance and aging resistance of PP pipe produced by the pipe extruder?


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Heres we prepared our advice for your reference:


To improve the low-temperature impact resistance and aging resistance of PP pipes, it can be achieved by modifying the PP material. Generally, low-density polyethylene, ethylene-propylene rubber and polybutadiene rubber or thermoplastic elastomers are used for blending modification.


In general, PP resin with melt flow rate of 0.2-0.5g/10min should be selected as the main raw material for blending modification. Proper amount of LDPE, antioxidant, light stabilizer, filler, etc. should be added. After mixing in high-speed mixer, add polybutadiene rubber, etc. to mix evenly, extrude and pelletize through an extruder to obtain modified PP pellets. The low temperature impact resistance and aging resistance of PP pipes produced with modified PP granules can be significantly improved.


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