Precautions for Operation of Plastic Pipe Production Equipment


Ningbo Fangli Technology Co., Ltd. is a mechanical equipment manufacturer with nearly 30 years’ experiences of plastic pipe extrusion equipment, new environmental protection and new materials equipment. Since its establishment Fangli has been developed based on user’s demands. Through continuous improvement, independent R&D on the core technology and digestion & absorption of advanced technology and other means, we have developed PVC pipe extrusion line, PP-R pipe extrusion line, PE water supply / gas pipe extrusion line, which was recommended by the Chinese Ministry of Construction to replace imported products. We have gained the title of “First-class Brand in Zhejiang Province”.


Here we prepared to introduce the key points of pipe extrusion are as follows:


(1) Preparation before startup

The installation of the machine head shall correctly handle the position and communication of the air holes on the diverter support and the mold; The die and core die shall be concentric: the sealing end face shall be compressed to prevent material leakage; A splitter plate is placed between the discharge end and the head of the extruder; The connection between the head flange and the extruder flange shall be pressed evenly. In case of bolt connection, it shall be tightened again after the machine is preheated.

When installing the heating ring outside the machine head, which it shall be wrapped tightly and no gap between the heating ring and the outer wall of the machine head. Then install the thermocouple and connect the power supply.

After the device is installed at the fixed position, connect the cooling water inlet and outlet pipe and vacuum pipeline (if vacuum setting process is adopted).

Temperature setting: set the heating and preheating of each section and head of the extruder; After heating up to the set temperature and maintaining a certain temperature, the internal and external temperatures of the machine and the head can be reduced.

During the inspection and adjustment of the pipe production line, each machine of the pipe extrusion production line shall ensure that the central position of each device is aligned and the start-up and operation are normal: the water and gas pipelines are unobstructed.


(2) Power on

Keep a fixed level in the hopper; during start-up, the screw shall run slowly first, and then increase the screw speed after the lead pipe reaches a smooth state.

Operation during material extrusion when the material is extruded from the die, first observe the plasticization state of the material and the uniformity of the wall thickness of the tube blank, and adjust the heating temperature according to the plasticization; Adjust the adjusting bolt according to the bending of the extruded pipe blank to meet the requirements of uniform pipe wall.


(3) Shut down

Stop operation, stop feeding or discharging the stored material in the hopper; Squeeze out the materials in the machine as much as possible.

Stop heating; First reduce the screw speed, gradually reduce to zero, and then stop the machine.

Turn off water and electricity, cooling water inlet valve, compressed air machine or vacuum pump, tractor, etc.

Dismantle the machine head: dismantle the machine head and clean it; It shall be noted that the tools used shall not scratch the surface of the machine head: if they are not used temporarily, the machine head shall be coated with grease for protection.


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