Seminar on Hot Issues and Green Sustainable Development Forum of Plastic Pipeline Industry


At present, the industry is facing many problems, such as the sharp rise in the price of raw and auxiliary materials, the great changes in relevant policies and application markets, the difficulty of enterprise employment and the great pressure of environmental protection. In order to better overcome the difficulties, meet the challenges and further promote the green and sustainable development of the plastic pipeline industry, The plastic pipeline Professional Committee of China Plastics Processing Industry Association is scheduled to hold the "seminar on hot and Green Sustainable Development Summit Forum of plastic pipeline industry" in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province from November 2 to 3, 2021.


Ningbo Fangli Technology Co., Ltd. attend the meeting as a representative of plastic pipe extrusion equipment manufacturers.


Ningbo Fangli Technology Co., Ltd. is a mechanical equipment manufacturer with nearly 30 years’ experiences of plastic pipe extrusion equipment, new environmental protection and new materials equipment. Since its establishment Fangli has been developed based on user’s demands. Through continuous improvement, independent R&D on the core technology and digestion & absorption of advanced technology and other means, we have developed PVC pipe extrusion line, PP-R pipe extrusion line, PE water supply / gas pipe extrusion line, which was recommended by the Chinese Ministry of Construction to replace imported products. We have gained the title of “First-class Brand in Zhejiang Province”.


Main contents of the meeting

(1)  Analysis of current hot and focus issues in plastic pipeline industry;

(2)  Development direction and relevant suggestions of plastic pipeline industry under the current economic situation;

(3)  Technical exchange of plastic pipeline products in green, environmental protection, high efficiency, energy saving and sustainable development;

(4)  Lead free process of PVC pipes and fittings, environmental protection alternative application of auxiliary materials;

(5)  Achievements in energy-saving improvement and intellectualization of plastic pipeline equipment;

(6)  Exchange on other topics.


It is believed that through this forum, the industry enterprises can more deeply understand the various challenges in the development of the industry, the methods to deal with the challenges and the future development direction, and play a positive role in promoting the green and sustainable development of the plastic pipeline industry.


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