Function and Classification of Extrusion Head


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The main functions of pipe extruder head are:

1)  Turn the spiral motion of the molten material from the barrel into a linear motion;

2)  Form the necessary molding pressure to ensure the density of the product;

3)  Further plasticize the material evenly;

4)  Molded products.


There are many kinds of extruder heads, and the common classification methods are as follows.

1) According to the use of products, bar head, pipe extrusion head, plate extrusion head, special-shaped extrusion head, granulation head, film blowing head, cable head, multi-color product head and spiral pressure pipe head, etc.

2) According to the direction of the material passing through the machine head, it is classified into a straight machine head and a horizontal machine head. In a straight head, the direction of material flow is the same as the axis of the screw, such as a hard tube head; in a horizontal head, the direction of material flow is at an angle to the axis of the screw, such as a cable head .

3)  According to the pressure, the low-pressure head (material flow pressure is less than 4 MPa), the medium pressure head (material flow pressure is 4 ~ 10 MPa) and the high-pressure head (material flow pressure is greater than 10 MPa).


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