Characteristics and Application of Polypropylene Pipe


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When people's living standards improve with the progress of society, people begin to pay more and more attention to their own quality of life, especially to the hygienic requirements of drinking water. Polypropylene pipe, as the fourth generation of new pipe after galvanized pipe, PVC pipe and aluminum-plastic composite pipe, is increasingly favored by people.


Polypropylene water supply pipe has the following characteristics:

1. Heat resistance, durability and long service life: long-term service temperature - 20 ~ 70 .

2. Thermal insulation and energy saving: the thermal conductivity is 0.5% of the metal, the flow resistance is small, and the thermal insulation and energy saving effect is excellent.

3. Light weight, high strength, good toughness and impact resistance, and the specific gravity is only 12% of the metal.

4. Convenient and reliable installation and beautiful appearance: hot melt connection is adopted. A joint connection can be completed in a few seconds without threading. It will never leak, safe and reliable and beautiful.

5. Corrosion resistance and no scaling: it can avoid the blockage and "secondary pollution" caused by corrosion scale of galvanized pipeline.


Polypropylene pipes are mainly used in

1. Cold and hot water transmission system in buildings;

2. Heating system with water flow below 75 as heat transfer medium;

3. Low temperature floor thermal radiation heating system;

4. Air conditioning system;

5. Compressed air conveying system;

6. Mineral water, purified water and other beverage conveying systems;

7. Other industrial media or liquid food conveying systems.


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