What kind of screw is a good screw


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It is no exaggeration to say that the screw is the heart of the extruder. Its quality can determine the production capacity, plasticizing quality, solution temperature and power consumption of an extruder, which are related to the performance of a screw. Plasticizing quality refers to the quality of plastic with good plasticity when the plastic is heated in the barrel to flow. A good screw must be able to produce plastic products meeting the quality requirements.


In accordance with the quality requirements is to show that the products produced should comply with the requirements of the following several aspects


1. To meet the physical, chemical, mechanical and electrical requirements as specified.

 It has all kinds of properties that meet the specified physical, chemical, mechanical and electrical requirements.


2. To have the required appearance quality. For example, it can meet the users requirements of bubble, crystal point, dyeing dispersion uniformity.


3. To have the required plasticizing quality of the screw:

1) The melt temperature of good screw is uniform, axial fluctuation and radial temperature difference is not big.

2) A good screw has the lowest melt temperature at which it can be formed

3) The melt pressure fluctuation is small when the screw rotates

4) A good screw can make the dyeing and other fillers evenly dispersed


It is worth noting that low temperature extrusion can improve the quality of extruded products (such as reducing internal stress, etc.), prevent heat sensitive materials from overheating decomposition, reduce energy consumption, reduce the burden of main and auxiliary cooling system, improve productivity and many other advantages. Low temperature extrusion is a development trend at present. Aiming at some defects of conventional single screw, a variety of new single screw are developed according to specific improvements and different types of processed plastics.


The above is some konwlege about a good screw of pipe extruder, hoping to provide you with some help. If necessary, welcome to contact us.




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