What methods are used to cut plastic pipes? How do they work?


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Extruded plastic pipe has a fixed length specified in the standard. The plastic pipe cutting machine is mainly used to cut the plastic pipe according to the length requirements of the production line.


There are several ways to cut plastic pipes: when producing plastic pipes with small diameter (generally less than 50mm), circular saw blade or circular knife can be used as grinding wheel cutting machine. The saw blade or grinding wheel has a motor and is directly driven by V-belt. When the produced plastic pipe reaches the required length, the clamping device on the cutting machine clamps the plastic pipe, and the saw blade starts to cut the plastic pipe. At this time, the whole clamping and cutting mechanism slides forward on the track of the cutting machine with the extrusion traction thrust of the plastic pipe moving forward; When the plastic pipe is cut, the clamping device opens, and the cutting clamping device slides back to its original position along the original forward track to prepare for the next cutting action.


How do they work?


When producing plastic pipes with large diameter, planetary automatic cutting machine is generally used. The saw blade of the planetary cutting machine is composed of a plurality of small-diameter saw blades, which can not only rotate, but also revolve around the outer circle of the plastic pipe. This method can cut large-diameter plastic pipes with high speed and neat incision.


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