Four common heaters of PE coil extruder and their advantages and disadvantages


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1Mica heating ring


   The heating element is electric heating wire or flat electric heating wire (resistance belt). Mica sheet for insulating layer. The ring-shaped protective shell is made of ordinary carbon steel plate.


   Mica heating ring has the advantages of simple structure, easy replacement and fast heating speed. The disadvantage is short service life. This type was widely used in early extruders.


   The service life of mica heating ring is related to temperature. The higher the temperature, the shorter the service life. The main reason is the poor heat dissipation capacity of mica. The air gap formed between the shell of the heating ring and the machine is also a screen for heat dissipation. Therefore, the electric heating wire is easy to dry and burn out. In addition, the mica layer absorbs moisture after cooling, resulting in arcing and fusing of adjacent electric heating wires.


2Cast aluminum heater


   The cast aluminum heater is an effective way to use the electric heating rod. The electric heating rod is bent and formed according to the changeable shape and cast in the aluminum alloy to form the cast aluminum heater. In addition to the advantages of general resistance heater, cast aluminum heater can be made into a shape that is very consistent with the barrel, and the air gap is very small, which is conducive to sub heat conduction. Compared with mica heating ring, cast aluminum heater has lower cost and longer service life. The electric heating rod is tightly fixed in the cast aluminum shell to improve the heat conduction performance. The anti-vibration, anti-asification, moisture-proof and explosion-proof characteristics of the electric heating wire are enhanced. For the occasion requiring cooling, the cooling coil can be cast in the cast aluminum heater at intervals. Therefore, this type of heater has been widely used.


3Aluminum shell heater


   The aluminum shell heater takes the straight electric heating rod as the heating element and is inserted into the hole of the aluminum shell. After the electric heating rod is damaged, it can be replaced individually, which reduces the maintenance cost. The disadvantage is that the heat transfer and anti vibration performance are not as good as cast aluminum heaters.


4Ceramic Heater


   The electric heating wire heater using ceramic block instead of mica as insulation has the advantages of fast heating speed, long service life, low price, easy replacement and adjustment of heater capacity. It is more and more loved and used by extruder manufacturers such as PE coil extruder.



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