What are the transmission components of PE extruder?


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PE extruder is a kind of plastic machinery originated in the 18th century. The extruder can divide the head material into right angle head and inclined angle head according to the direction of the head material flow and the angle of the spiral centerline.


Depending on the pressure and shear force generated by the screw drive, the screw extruder can fully plasticize and evenly mix the materials, and form them through the die. Plastic extruders can be basically divided into twin-screw extruders, single screw extruders, uncommon multi-screw extruders and non-screw extruders.


Generally, single screw extruder is the basic and common equipment in extruder. It mainly includes six parts: transmission mechanism, feeding mechanism, feeding cylinder, screw, machine head, die, etc.


Transmission parts and driving parts generally include motor, reducer, bearing, etc. The extrusion process requires the screw speed to be stable and cannot be changed with the change of screw load, so as to ensure the uniform product quality after extrusion. However, in different cases, the screw speed is required to be adjustable to meet the requirements that one equipment can extrude different plastics or different products. Therefore, AC commutator motor, DC motor and other devices are generally used in this part to realize stepless speed change. Generally, the screw speed is between 10~100 rpm.


The driving system is used to drive the screw and supply the torque and speed required by the screw in the extrusion process, usually including motor, reducer and bearing. However, when the structure is basically the same, the manufacturing cost of the reducer is roughly proportional to its overall size and weight. The large shape and weight of the reducer means that more materials are consumed during manufacturing, and the bearings used are also large, which increases the manufacturing cost.


The same diameter screw extruder, high speed extruder consumes more energy than the ordinary extruder, the motor power is doubled, and the seat number of the reducer is correspondingly increased. However, high screw speed means low reduction ratio. For the reducer with the same size, compared with the small reduction ratio and the large reduction ratio, the gear module increases and the bearing capacity of the reducer increases. Therefore, the increase of reducer weight is not proportional to the increase of motor power. If the extrusion amount is taken as the denominator and divided by the weight of the reducer, the extruder will have high efficiency and generally get a high number. In terms of unit output, the motor power and reducer weight of the high-speed extruder are small, which means that the manufacturing cost of the unit output machine is lower than that of the ordinary extruder.


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