What is the cause of the abnormal noise of the extruder?


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In the current society, the extruder is an important equipment for plastic molding and granulation. The normal use of the extruder can give full play to the efficiency of the machine and maintain a good working condition. It must be maintained unremittingly and carefully to prolong the service life of the machine.


In order to avoid failure, in addition to daily maintenance, service and overhaul in strict accordance with requirements, it is also necessary to know these:


Abnormal noise:


1If it happens in the reducer, it may be caused by bearing damage or poor lubrication, or by gear wear, improper installation or poor engagement. It can be solved by changing bearings, improving lubrication, changing gears or adjusting gear meshing conditions.


2If the noise is a sharp scraping sound, the possibility of scraping between the shaft head and the transmission shaft sleeve due to the deflection of the barrel position shall be considered. It can be solved by adjusting the barrel.


3、If the barrel makes noise, it may be that the screw is bent to sweep the bore or the set temperature is too low, resulting in excessive friction of solid particles. It can be handled by straightening the screw or increasing the set temperature.


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