Basic information of hydrogen energy pipeline transmission


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One of the difficulties in the utilization of hydrogen energy is the storage and transportation of hydrogen. Although the initial investment in pipeline transportation is high, only pipelines can realize large-scale hydrogen transportation in a long-distance, stable, low-cost, safe and environmentally friendly manner.


Hydrogen pipeline transportation is similar to natural gas pipeline transportation, but there are more and higher requirements. In some occasions, the existing natural gas pipeline network can be used to transport hydrogen, and in some occasions, a new hydrogen pipeline network with higher requirements must be adopted. Therefore, the pipeline transportation of hydrogen is an important issue in the development of green hydrogen to realize the transition to renewable energy.


The hydrogen pipeline transmission network is divided into two parts: the hydrogen is transported from the production place to the consumption area through high-pressure pipeline for power generation or industrial production; In the consumption area, it is distributed to the end user through the low-pressure pipeline network for heating, cooking and other consumption.


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