Determination of screw type


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Screw is the main part of extrusion system. The change of the geometry of its parts directly affects the working performance of the screw. It has a very significant impact on the output and quality of plastic products.


Here, we briefly introduce the working performance index evaluation of the screw as follows


1. Plasticizing quality: for extruders manufactured according to professional standards, the plastic products produced by extrusion shall also meet the quality standards. Screw is a key part of extrusion production that affects product quality. The mixing quality of materials, whether the plasticization is uniform, whether the radial temperature difference of materials is small, the pressure is balanced, the energy consumption is relatively low, and the productivity is improved are all affected by the working quality of screw.

2. Specific flow: this ratio is large, indicating that this screw has strong plasticizing capacity. The unit of specific flow is (kg / h) / (R / min)

3. Specific power: if this value is small, it means that the production of plastic products with the same quality consumes less energy. The unit of specific power is kW (kg / h)

4. Versatility: refers to whether the screw can adapt to extruding different plastics and can work under different head resistances of plastic products

5. Economy: manufacturing and machining are relatively easy, and the working life is relatively long.


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