What is the reason for the instability of plastic extruder?


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You may not know it very well. Generally speaking, in the production process of plastic products, a common equipment is the plastic extruder. There are many kinds of plastics that can be produced by the plastic extruder. However, when we select the plastic extruder for production, we need to select the plastic extrusion equipment according to the material of the specifically produced plastics.


Incorrect selection of the type of plastic extruder is a common reason for the instability of plastic product extrusion. Therefore, we must select the type of plastic extruderhttps://www.fangliextru.com/single-screw-extruder.html suitable for production according to the raw materials when producing plastic products.


When we eliminate the problem of unstable extrusion of plastic products, we should reflect on whether the proportion of raw materials has been changed recently, that is, whether the formula of plastic raw materials has been adjusted. Some formula adjusted or unscientific plastic particles will also have unstable extrusion pressure when producing plastic products.


Another reason is that we need to check whether the temperature control system of the equipment is faulty after we find the reason for the unstable extrusion of the plastic extruder. The direct manifestation of the problem of the temperature control system is the problem of the plasticization of raw materials, and then the uneven extrusion pressure. In this way, the phenomenon of unstable extrusion will occur when extruding plastic products.


When we have problems in production, we should eliminate the causes of the problems according to the actual situation to solve the production problems of the products.


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