Production of Large Diameter HDPE Winding Pipe


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The production process of large diameter HDPE winding pipe is unique and novel, which can meet the production needs of different products. It adopts a unique hot winding welding process, and can produce products with different inner diameters and different structural forms on the same production line through the replacement of molds and production control procedures in a few minutes.


The winding pipe production line takes PE63 or PE80 HDPE as the base material and adopts the method of dual machine combined feeding and rotary winding. Its production process is exquisite. The same set of equipment can be used to produce Φ 200 ~ Φ 3 500 mm winding pipes as long as the diameter of the winding forming equipment is adjusted. The production line of winding pipe is mainly composed of special-shaped pipe extruder, fusion extruder, winding forming machine, cutting machine and related auxiliary machines, of which the most critical equipment is winding forming machine. According to the welding method, the winding pipe can be divided into two categories: one is to directly heat the side of the profile to melt it, and then fuse with the profile connected in the winding; The other is to extrude the molten PE material into the side seam of the profile without directly heating the profile, and fuse the profiles on both sides with the molten PE. The production process is as follows:


The materials are mixed—the special-shaped pipe is extruded—passes through the special-shaped die to the vacuum tank—then to the cooling water tank for cooling—winding and forming—passes through the flattening roller for leveling—cooling—fixed length cutting and material storage table.


Taking the forming process of the second type of pipe as an example, when forming the winding pipe, first extrude the continuous HDPE special-shaped base material through the special-shaped die, and wind it on the forming equipment at a certain winding angle after sizing and preliminary cooling. At the same time, the fusion extruder located near the forming table extrudes the continuous molten PE strip, The utility model is directly overlapped between two adjacent circles of special-shaped base materials and fully fused with them under the action of a flattening roller. After cooling, the winding pipe can be obtained. If you need to adjust the diameter of the winding pipe, you only need to adjust the diameter of the special-shaped pipe and the diameter of the winding forming machine. Generally speaking, the production mode of wound pipe has the following characteristics:

(1) The pipe of the same specification can have different ring stiffness. The required ring stiffness can be obtained by changing the geometry and size of the special-shaped pipe and adjusting the melt width. If the size and specification need to be changed, only the diameter of the forming table and the size of the shaped pipe need to be adjusted;

(2) The production equipment of winding pipe is simple, the equipment investment is less, and the production line operates stably. The winding pipe can be produced on the construction site, and the equipment can continuously produce pipes of any length without joints;

(3) The control of welding temperature is very important. Once it is not well controlled, it is easy to affect the axial strength of the pipe;

(4) The unique production process determines that its production speed is slow, generally 0.5 ~ 1.0 m / min, which is lower than that of simple wall pipe.


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