Application of HDPE Winding Pipe


Ningbo Fangli Technology Co., Ltd. is a mechanical equipment manufacturer with nearly 30 years’ experiences of plastic pipe extrusion equipment, new environmental protection and new materials equipment. Since its establishment Fangli has been developed based on user’s demands. Through continuous improvement, independent R&D on the core technology and digestion & absorption of advanced technology and other means, we have developed PVC pipe extrusion line, PP-R pipe extrusion line, PE water supply / gas pipe extrusion line, which was recommended by the Chinese Ministry of Construction to replace imported products. We have gained the title of “First-class Brand in Zhejiang Province”.


Because HDPE large-diameter winding pipe has the advantages of corrosion resistance, water tightness and simple construction, it is an ideal drainage pipe in various environments. Its main application scope includes:

(1) HDPE drainage pipe for coastal and humid areas has outstanding chemical resistance, especially seawater resistance, and strong adaptability to soft land. It is suitable for pipes in coastal swamp areas, mariculture, irrigation waterways and farmland consolidation;

(2) Drainage pipe for sewage and wastewater is suitable for wastewater treatment pipes in factories and golf courses due to HDPE has excellent chemical resistance and corrosion resistance;

(3) The sewage and waste water pipes of streets, apartments and residential areas are suitable for discharging a large amount of domestic sewage and rainwater pipes in densely populated areas or group living areas;

(4) As the chemical stability of HDPE is very good, it is also suitable for pipes used in river terminal treatment plant, manure and urine treatment plant, sports field and garbage treatment plant;

(5) The assembled PE circular anion well is used in street drainage works with complicated traffic, winter construction works and drainage works with high groundwater level. The assembled anion well can shorten the curing time, and has good water tightness and economy;

(6) Ground cable protection and threading pipes of various cables HDPE winding pipes have excellent insulation and wear resistance, which can ensure the safety of protected cables.


Plastic pipes have been produced and applied as early as the 1930s, and have been used in large quantities since the 1990s. At present, plastic pipes are developing rapidly and are gradually replacing metal and other traditional materials to become the largest variety of pipes.


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