Vacuum Setting Device and Cooling device For PE extrusion Line


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Vacuum setting device is an important part in PE pipe production line. The design of vacuum setting device directly affects the stability of production and the quality of internal and external surfaces of pipes. An excellent vacuum setting device should provide strong cooling capacity; stable vacuum degree under various production conditions; stable water temperature and water level control system; requirements for long-term corrosion resistance.


Generally, there are two kinds of cooling devices: immersion cooling and strong spray cooling.


Immersion cooling device: the pipe passes through a water tank equipped with cooling water. In this state, the whole section of the pipe is immersed in water, and the heat is released through the contact between the pipe and water, so as to obtain the cooling effect. This device is simple and low cost, but it will bring the following disadvantages to the production of pipes:


Poor cooling efficiency affects the production efficiency of pipes. When the pipe is immersed in water, the circumference of the pipe is affected by different water pressures, which will cause the roundness of the pipe to be out of tolerance. Therefore, the best choice for the ideal cooling device should be spraying tank.


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